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 June 28, 2012

Back Home

We kicked the nasty infection in the ass … or out of it, as the case may be. I’m home from the hospital, resting comfortably and keeping myself cool and well hydrated.


Bizarre Facts For Ya’

I’ve learned and interesting little medical “fact” lately that I thoughtmight interest you. It seems very few people actually die from cancer. Yup, you heard me – very few people die every year from cancer. They die from complications which are clearly brought about by cancer. Lung cancer patients often succumb to pneumonia, other cancers will cause organ failure,etc. So there are plenty of people dying of cancer – but very few have”cancer” or “cancer-related” as an official cause. Makes you wonder what that does to the reported statistics, doesn’t it? For example, a drug could be shown to be “highly effective in combating X cancer” because the patients never succumb to X cancer – but they do die of X(organ) failure.

Hey the patient died, but the drug was a success, right?


Still Alive, My Friends

It’s been a while since my last posting and , as is often the case, several concerns and unique ideas have developed (or,perhaps, festered) within my circle of friends. I want all of you happy andnot fretting over me, so it’s probably best to start of by setting therecord straight on a few things:

  1. I am still alive. I have not died. Definitely, definitely still alive andplan on keeping it that way well into the future.
  2. My phone number is still the same. Your calls are always welcome. If youare worried, fearing for my life or just wanna say “Hi!” give me a ring. Ifit’s a rough day or I’m resting, Michelle will be happy to give you anupdate and I ring ya’ later. Emails work too :)
  3. We are still happy-as-can-be to help you with your computer issues. Please don’t ever worry about “bothering us” with more work. Trust me – it’s no bother at all!

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